Family photo Session with dog

Including Your Pet in Your Family Photography Session

Why should you include pets in your family photography session?

Your family pets are an intrinsic part of your family’s fabric, and many pets are considered part of the immediate family unit. So it makes sense that the professional family photography sessions by Natalie Roberson Photography would include your family pet, because your pet is probably one of the most loving members of your family! Natalie Roberson Photography’s skilled team knows how to work with dogs, cats, and other kinds of pets to bring out the most adorable and amazing animal expressions in their family pet photography.

How to include the family dog in your next family photography session?

There are several tips and tricks that can help your family and your dog feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera during a family photography session with Natalie Roberson Photography. First and foremost, many pets take their cues from their family members, so the calmer and more collected you are, the more relaxed and happier your dog will be. Along with brushing your dog and tidying them up, try exercising your dog before a family photography session and practice some basic commands like sit, stay, and down. This will also help them to be in tune with your wishes. Bringing along favorite treats or squeaky toys will pique their attention as well. Natalie Roberson’s photography team knows just how and when to utilize dog treats and toys to keep your dog’s attention and get fabulous pet photography shots.

Candid Family Photography with Dog

How do you manage dogs during a family photography session?

Your dog wants to be happy and wants you to be happy. Continual praise will help your canine enjoy the family photography session. Keep the session light and cheerful and try not to put your dog into an uncomfortable situation, which will only serve to confuse them. A relaxed and happy dog takes the best pictures, allowing the skilled and knowledgeable pet photography team at Natalie Roberson Photography to bring out the best in your pet’s personality, with great photographic results!

How do you take family photography with cats?

The camera’s flash can produce an odd glow in your cat’s eyes and create a harsh, glow-eye photo. In addition, many cats become skittish in reaction to such a bright flash of light. Fortunately, Natalie Roberson Photography has the professional equipment and a highly skilled team willing to use a different approach to capture the unique characteristics of your cat. For each pet photography session, they combine the use of natural lighting and cat toys and noise-makers to pique your feline’s interest to capture those perfectly delightful cat expressions we love so much!

Mom & Son with Cat

What are some tips for good pet photography?

To ensure a great pet photography session, use natural lighting, limited costumes and props, treats and toys as appropriate, and lots of praise. The award-winning team at Natalie Roberson Photography knows how to focus on a cat’s eyes and capture that charming curious look. They focus on each pet’s unique personality and avoid using busy backgrounds. Natalie Roberson’s professional equipment with faster shutter speeds allows them to get great action shots if your pet cooperates. Experience allows them to anticipate pet actions and frame the shot to capture it.

What are some common mistakes in pet photography?

One of the biggest and most common mistakes family pet owners make is using the flash on their cameras. Natural light makes the best family pet photography and the expert professional team at Natalie Roberson Photography understands that they need to keep their background simple and uncluttered. Some photographers make the mistake of overusing treats and toys. Our photographers use treats and toys sparingly to make sure your pet’s eyes are focused on the camera to capture that beautifully adorable look that is unique to your pet.

Woman & Dog

Natalie Roberson Photography is experienced with family photography and pets of all kinds!

Natalie Roberson Photography is the most sought-after photographer for family pet photography in Texas. They capture gorgeously candid and classic portraits that you will treasure for a lifetime. From each family session, they provide a wide selection of beautiful pictures of your family to choose from at a reasonable cost. Contact our experienced team today or call us at (972) 415-7644.