Bridal Photography in McKinney, TX by Natalie Roberson Photograph

Natalie Roberson Bridal Photography

Bridal Photography in McKinney, TX by Natalie Roberson Photograph

What is Bridal Photography?

Unlike a wedding photography session, bridal photography is a solo photography session that captures the bride’s beauty without the wedding day chaos. Typically scheduled one month prior to the wedding date, this bridal photography session in McKinney, TX is an opportunity to perfectly encapsulate the wedding excitement and joy without the time constraints of the wedding day and the ceremony.

Many brides-to-be use this session as a trial run for their wedding day hair style, makeup, jewelry, shoes and bouquet. This gives them a chance to make slight modifications to their look before the big day or to showcase their images at the wedding. The bride can use this as an opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera and with her photographer’s techniques. Booking a session for bridal photography in McKinney, TX will also give the bride-to-be a chance to wear her wedding dress one more time!

Natalie Roberson Bridal Photography

Are Bridal Portraits a Southern Thing?

While bridal photography may have originated in the south, this tradition has been embraced by brides everywhere. These bridal portraits have evolved from a treasured keepsake into a tradition repeated by the brides of each generation. This is an opportunity to frame a bride’s glowing anticipation for her upcoming wedding without any hint of the big day pressure. Working with Natalie Roberson Photography for both bridal and wedding photography, you know everything will be perfect.

How do you Photograph a Bride?

When conducting a photoshoot for bridal photography in McKinney, TX, it’s essential that the bride is comfortable. A good photographer can take nice pictures, but a great photographer will create a relaxed atmosphere so the bride-to-be can enjoy the experience and create photos she will love! Modern brides certainly don’t want the same stiff poses and firm facial expressions of the traditional the black and white photographs their great-grandmothers took! Natalie Roberson Photography’s award-winning styles use fresh and modern techniques, embracing artistic expressions whenever possible.

bridal photography near McKinney, TX

What Are Some Good Locations for Bridal Photography near McKinney, TX?

There are many free and affordable locations for bridal photography around McKinney, TX that provide stunning scenery. Some of Natalie Roberson’s favorites are downtown McKinney with many different outdoor backdrops. Other favorite locations include:

  • The Cotton Mill, featuring both indoor and outdoor locations with excellent natural light
  • Adriatica Village, an outdoor setting with a lake and buildings with European style architecture
  • Erwin Park, a great location for phenomenal sunset photography
  • Crape Myrtle Trails, with breathtaking blooms May through July
  • Bingham House, with a historic vibe in downtown McKinney.

Natalie Roberson Bridal Photography

What is a Reasonable Price for Bridal Photography in McKinney, TX?

While some photography companies will charge thousands of dollars for bridal photography in McKinney, TX, there are excellent photographers that will work with you, your photography wish list and your budget. Natalie Roberson Photography offers three affordable options for bridal photography sessions to suit your needs and your budget: a micro session, mini session and standard session.

Natalie Roberson Bridal Photography

Why Natalie Roberson Photography is a Great Choice for Bridal Photography in McKinney, TX

As the bride-to-be, you already have a lot on your plate. Take one thing off of your wedding day to-do list and lessen the number of photos needed on your wedding day by scheduling a bridal photography session in McKinney, TX. Choose Natalie Roberson Photography to capture all of your glamour in a pre-wedding bridal photography session. You’ll love the creativity she uses to capture each bride’s beauty in photographs that will be cherished for generations. Schedule an appointment today or contact us with any questions you have about bridal photography!